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Differences in Risk Factors for Suicidality Between African American and White Patients Vulnerable to Suicide
Are Mexican American Adolescents at Greater Risk of Suicidal Behaviors?
Racial Disparities in Mental Health Service Use by Adolescents Who Thought About or Attempted Suicide
Suicide Terrorists
No-Harm Contracts
Ethical, Legal, and Practical Issues in the Control and Regulation of Suicide Promotion and Assistance over the Internet
Analysis of a National Toll Free Suicide Crisis Line in South Africa
Performance of the CES-D and its Short Forms in Screening Suicidality and Hopelessness in the Community
The Association of Depression and Sense of Belonging with Suicidal Ideation Among Older Adults
Economic Strain and Suicide Risk
It's Important to See the Wood for the Trees
An Historical Note on Suicide During the Course of Treatment for Depression