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Suicide Intervention Research
Intervention Research with Youths at Elevated Risk for Suicide
Single-Case Experimental Designs for the Evaluation of Treatments for Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behaviors
Self-Esteem and Suicide Ideation in Psychiatric Outpatients
Behavioral Risk Assessment of the Guarded Suicidal Patient
A Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Rumination and Suicidality
The Emergence of Suicidal Ideation During the Post-Hospital Treatment of Depressed Patients
Suicide Ideation and Attempts among Low-Income African American Adolescents
Adolescent Suicidal Ideation Subgroups and their Association with Suicidal Plans and Attempts in Young Adulthood
A Review of “Suicidal Intent” Within the Existing Suicide Literature
The Role of Attachment Styles and Interpersonal Problems in Suicide-Related Behaviors
University Students' Perceived Self-Efficacy in Identifying Suicidal Warning Signs and Helping Suicidal Friends Find Campus Intervention Resources
Survivors' Narratives of the Impact of Parental Suicide
Changes in Reporting of Suicide News After the Promotion of the WHO Media Recommendations