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Do Geographic Regions with Higher Suicide Rates also have Higher Rates of Nonfatal Intentional Self-Harm?
How Often Does Deliberate Self-Harm Occur Relative to Each Suicide? A Study of Variations by Gender and Age
Building Models for the Relationship Between Attitudes Toward Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
Repressive Coping, Emotional Adjustment, and Cognition in People Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Suicide
The Beliefs in the Inheritance of Risk Factors for Suicide Scale (BIRFSS)
Suicidality in a Sample of Arctic Households
Improvements to Suicide Prevention Training for Prison Staff in England and Wales
A Cross-National Study of the Relationship Between Elderly Suicide Rates and Urbaninzation
Characteristics of a French African Caribbean Epidemiological Psychiatric Sample with a History of Suicide Attempt
Impact of Death by Suicide of Patients on Thai Psychiatrists