Juvenile Suicide in Confinement—Findings from the First National Survey
Predicting Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescents: A Six Month Prospective Study
The Distillation of “VISCI”: Towards a Better Identification of Suicidal Inmates
Explaining the Relation between Religiousness and Reduced Suicidal Behavior: Social Support Rather Than Specific Beliefs
Beyond Randomized Controlled Trials in Attempted Suicide Research
Prevalence of Suicide Risk Factors and Suicide-Related Outcomes in the National Mental Health Study, Colombia
Association between Terror Attacks and Suicide Attempts
Drug Ingestions in Children 10–14 Years Old: An Old Problem Revisited
Physical Disability and Suicidal Ideation: A Community-Based Study of Risk/Protective Factors for Suicidal Thoughts
Per Capita Alcohol Consumption and Suicide Rates in the U.S., 1950–2002
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