Neurosurgical Assessment of Metrics Including Judgment and Dexterity Using the Virtual Reality Simulator NeuroTouch (NAJD Metrics)

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Advances in computer-based technology has created a significant opportunity for implementing new training paradigms in neurosurgery focused on improving skill acquisition, enhancing procedural outcome, and surgical skills assessment. NeuroTouch is a computer-based virtual reality system that can generate output data known as metrics from operator performance during simulated brain tumor resection. These measures of quantitative assessment are used to track and compare psychomotor performance during simulated operative procedures. Data output from the NeuroTouch system is recorded in a comma-separated values file. Data mining from this file and subsequent metrics development requires the use of sophisticated software and engineering expertise. In this article, we introduce a system to extract a series of new metrics using the same data file using Excel software. Based on the data contained in the NeuroTouch comma-separated values file, 13 novel NeuroTouch metrics were developed and classified. Tier 1 metrics include blood loss, tumor percentage resected, and total simulated normal brain volume removed. Tier 2 metrics include total instrument tip path length, maximum force applied, sum of forces utilized, and average forces utilized by the simulated ultrasonic aspirator and suction instrument along with pedal activation frequency of the ultrasonic aspirator. Advanced tier 2 metrics include instrument tips average separation distance, efficiency index, ultrasonic aspirator path length index, coordination index, and ultrasonic aspirator bimanual forces ratio. This system of data extraction provides researchers expedited access for analyzing the data files available for NeuroTouch platform to assess the multiple psychomotor and cognitive neurosurgical skills involved in complex surgical procedures.

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