Allowing New Opportunities in Advanced Laparoscopy Training Using a Full High-Definition Training Box

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Introduction. Simulated laparoscopy training is limited by its low-quality image. A high-definition (HD) laparoscopic training box was developed under the present necessity of simulating advanced surgery. Objective. To describe and test a new HD laparoscopic training box for advanced simulation training. Methods. We describe the features and image quality of the new training box. The simulator was tested and then evaluated by a group of 76 expert surgeons using a 4-item questionnaire. To assess the effectiveness of training using this simulation box, 15 general surgery residents were trained to perform a laparoscopic jejuno-jejunostomy in a validated simulation program. They were assessed with objective rating scales before and after the training program, and their results were compared with that of experts. Results. The training box was assembled using high-density fiberglass shaped as an insufflated abdomen. It has an adapted full-HD camera with a LED-based illumination system. A manually self-regulated monopod attached to the camera enables training without assistance. Of the expert surgeons who answered the questionnaire, 91% said that the simulation box had a high-quality image and that it was very similar to real laparoscopy. All residents trained improved their rating scores significantly when comparing their initial versus final assessment (P < .001). Their performance after completing the training in the box was similar to that of experts (P > .2). Conclusions. This novel laparoscopic training box presents a high-resolution image and allows training different types of advanced laparoscopic procedures. The simulator box was positively assessed by experts and demonstrated to be effective for laparoscopy training in resident surgeons.

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