Validation Study of a Portable Home Trainer Using a Pad for Laparoscopic Practice

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The aim of this study was to describe and validate a homemade laparoscopic trainer. The abdominal cavity is simulated within a 3-mm-thick stainless steel model. Thirty-four participants were evaluated in a pilot study to validate our model. Participants were divided into experts (n = 19) and novices (n = 15) to perform basic and complex laparoscopic skills. The comparison between the homemade trainer (HT) and the standard laparoscopic trainer showed no significant differences for the 2 tasks performed for each group (P > .05). The experts’ performance of the 2 tasks was statistically different from the novices (P < .05) on both trainers. Both experts (84%) and novices (87%) approved the HT as an effective home trainer. Our HT seems to fulfill the conditions of performing the basic and complex laparoscopic psychomotor skills at a low cost and similar efficiency.

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