Research on Key Indicators in Modern Surgical Practice Assessment: Ergonomic Approach

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It is undeniable that fundamental requirements in surgery refer to the adequate use of medical knowledge (eg, clinical knowledge and technical skills). However, this knowledge and skills of surgeons should be supplemented with synergetic research of capabilities of surgeons, operating rooms (ORs), and nontechnical skills. In this article, by using expert research, we presented 15 key indicators in surgical practice assessment. Communication efficiency in the OR has been ranked as the first and most important among indicators using the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process method. Within the analysis of this indicator, we have shown a new method that provided us with the results describing the extent of communication, the correlation in the communication system, surgeon workload uniformity, and isolation of individual surgeons in the OR. The goal of this research is aimed at the increase of operator efficiency in the OR. It is necessary that results of this kind of research find their practical use and become an obligatory element in the construction of new ORs as well as reconstruction of old ORs.

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