A Novel Multistage Network Architecture with Multicast and Broadcast Capability

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In this paper, a new class of optical multistage interconnection network (MIN) architecture is presented, which is constructed utilizing a modularization approach rather than the traditional recursive or fixed exchange pattern methods. The modified architecture consists of an input module, an output module, two point-to-point (PTP) modules, and one modified multicast/broadcast (M/B) module(s). We also implement the multicast/broadcast module with WDM technique, which reduces the hardware cost required for multicast and the re-computation cost for a new connection. We show that it has the best application flexibility and provides multicast function without imposing significant negative impacts on the whole network. A new multicast connection pattern is also proposed in this paper, which makes it practical and economical to apply amplification in space-division networks. Compared with existing multicast architectures, this new architecture with Dilated Benes PTP modules has better performance in terms of system SNR, the number of switch elements, and system attenuation in point-to-point connections. Moreover, the multicast/broadcast module adopts wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technique to increase its multicast/broadcast assignment. As a result, given m available distinguished wavelengths, one M/B module can support at most m M/B requests at the same time. The new proposed M/B module with WDM is more practical and economical to apply amplification in space-division networks.

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