Navy Programs in Superconducting Technology
Thin Film Tl-Based HTS Microwave Devices
Behavior of Tl(2212)-Normal Metal Point Contacts under Microwave Irradiation
Microstructural Comparison Between Melt Processed, In-situ Processed and Sintered Tl(Bi)-1223/Ag Tapes Using TEM.
The Mechanism of Surface Decomposition of Tl- and Hg-Containing Superconductors
Superconductivity of Hg(1−x)AgxBa1.9La0.1CuOy (0≤x≤0.6) Materials
Critical Current Anisotropy of Tl-1223 Superconductors
Methods to Produce Tl(1223) Tapes with Improved Properties
Preparation of Tl-1223 Bulk Samples on Large Scale
Oxygen Processing of Hg and Tl Based Cuprate Superconductors
Irreversible Magnetic Properties of Ceramic HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8 at Very High Pulsed Magnetic Fields
Stability of HgBa2CaCu2Ox Superconducting Thin Films in Long-Term Environmental Exposure
Metal Valences and Hole-Doping Routes in Tl- and Hg-based Superconducting Cuprates
Net Holes and Superconductivity in the Members with n ≥ 3 of Homologous Series, Tl- and Hg-m2(n-l)n
Flux Dynamics in Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 Thin Films
Synthesis of (Hg,X)Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox Superconductors
The Study of Hole Distribution in High-Tc Tl- and Hg-based 1212 Type Cuprates via High-resolution X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure
Neutron and Raman Scattering Studies of Hgba2CuO4+δ
TI-Based Superconducting Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis and Vacuum Evaporation
Flux-Creep Mechanism of Critical Current Limitation in Tl-Based Thin Film Microstrips
Test Coils Made of Tl-1223 Tapes
Microstructural Studies of Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox Thin Films on LaAlO3 and MgO Substrates.
Growth of Tl-2201 superconducting thin films on single crystal LaAlO3
Effects of a Au Interface on (HgBi)Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox Superconductor
Textured Tl(1223)/Ag Tapes Prepared by Electrophoretic Deposition
Sample Preparation and Specific Heat Measurements of Hg x Ba2CuO4+δ with Different Transition Temperatures
Preparation of Tl-HTS-Films for Microwave Application
Effect of Ba substitution on the superconducting properties and the irreversibility line of the compounds TIPb 1223
Improvement of the irreversibility line of the 1212 compound Tl0.5Pb0.5Sr2CaCu2O7−δ
Formation of Thallium-1223 Superconductors
Enhanced Superconductivity in the Tl1−XBiXBa2Ca2Cu3Oy System
The Effect of Fluorine on the Phase Formation and Properties of Tl-Based Superconductors
Phase Formation and Grain Growth Kinetics of High-Tc Superconducting Tl-1223 Ceramics
Limitations To The Performance Of PIT Tl(Bi)-1223 Tapes
Doped Tl-1223 Superconductors
Preparation of High - Purity Tl(1223) Ceramics
Magnetization and Current Noise in Hg-1201 and Tl-1223
Synthesis, thermopower and magnetic properties of mercury deficient Hg-1201
Angular dependence of critical currents in silver-sheathed Tl-1223 tapes
High Pressure Synthesis and Properties of Hg-1234 and Hg-1223 Phases.
Single crystals of HgBa2Can−1CunO2n+2+δ (n=1−5) and Layers of HgBa2CuO4+δ Grown at Gas Pressure 10 kbar
The Effect of Nitrates on Thallium Based Oxycarbonate Superconductors
Synthesis of Hg1−XRexBa2Ca2Cu3O8+x Pure Phase at Normal Pressures
Fluorination of Underdoped Mercurocuprate Superconductors
Full Wafer In Situ Deposition of Thallium Lead Superconductors
Novel Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition / T1F Annealing Route to Thin Films of Tl1Ba2Ca2Cu3O9+x
Growth and Characterization of TlBaCaCuO Thin Films
Valence Charge Fluctuations and Tc retention in Tl1−xPbxSr1+xLa1−xCuO5−y (0.0 ≤ x ≤0.5) System
Synthesis and Structure of Hg1−xCrxSr2CuO4+δ Mercurocuprates
Enhancement of Microstructural and Magnetic Properties by Li-doping in Tl, Pb-1223 Superconductors
Transport and Magnetic AC Losses in Ag/Tl-1223 Tape and the Effect of Mechanical Damage
Synthesis of Thick Tl-based high-T c Oxide Layer through a Diffusion Process
The Insulator-Superconductor Transformation in Cuprates
Phase Formation in Tl, Bi-1223 Superconductors by LaAlO3 or LSAT Micro-particle Addition
Epitaxial Film Growth of Tl0.78Bi0.22Sr1.6Ba0.4Ca2Cu3O9 on Rolling Assisted Biaxially Textured Nickel Substrates with YSZ And CeO2 Buffer Layers
Mixed-State Hall Effect in HgBa2CaCu2O6+δ Thin Films with Columnar Defects
Superconductivity in Lithium- and Sodium-Doped Mercury-Based Cuprates
Hg-1223 Thick Film on Flexible Ni Substrates
Compositional and temperature effects on stability and superconducting behaviour of 1223 type phases