The Effects of Substitution of Sn for Cu in Bi1.75Pb0.25Sr2CaCu2.3−xSnxSnxOy

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The influence of Sn doping on superconductivity in the Bi-based 2212 phase is studied in this paper. For the samples R–T relations and magnetic hysteresis loops were measured. X-ray powder diffraction analysis was also performed. For Bi1.75Pb0.25Sr2CaCu2.3−xSnxOy, the experimental results show that by adding the proper amount of Sn the superconductivity of the samples can be improved. As x = 0.15, the critical temperature Tc, the critical current density Jc, and the magnetic pinning force density F reach a maximum. At T = 11 K, the critical state parameters Hc1, Hc2, κ, λ, and ξ are calculated and compared with the results reported by other researchers. The experimental results also show that the Sn doping is able to speed up the growth of the 2223 phase. In brief, Sn doping is an effective way of improving the superconductivity in Bi-based superconductors.

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