Photo-Thermal Transport Effects in a Thick Film YBCO Bolometer Under Magnetic Fields

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Thick (∼50 μm) YBCO superconducting film bolometers have been fabricated to operate in the temperature range 89–92 K. Responsivities greater than 1 V/W have been achieved by biasing with a current slightly less than that of the critical current, and observing the photo-voltage in the resistive state. The time response of these films due to photo-conduction is slow (ms). The present work concentrates on the resistive transition and the width of the photo-signal peak under the effect of applied magnetic fields. The width of the photo-signal peak over the transition is found to be strongly magnetic field dependent at low field values while at higher field values it has been used to determine a value for the vortex tilt modulus. Further, it is found that a temperature difference in the position of the photo-signal peak relative to that of the dR/dT peak changes with applied field.

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