Ferroelectric Tuning of Planar and Bulk Microwave Devices

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Benefits of ferroelectric component applications at microwaves is discussed. Experience recently gained in the high-temperature film-production technology has been used for obtaining high-quality ferroelectric tunable components. The disk made from bulk SrTiO3 single crystal covered with double-sided YBa2Cu3Y7 films was used as a high-quality TM010 mode tunable resonator. Planar structures containing thin film ferroelectric layers: planar capacitor, sandwich capacitor, coplanar line, and fin line have been studied. Modeling dielectric response of low-temperature incipient ferroelectrics (SrTiO3, KTaO3) has been applied for simulation of tunable planar structures. The quality factor of a tunable component (QFCT) is suggested to characterize the validity of the component for practical applications. The high-quality planar capacitors are pioneered for the applications. The wide frequency band fin line phase shifter has been studied and simulated. The prospects for applications of ferroelectric planar structures at room temperature is discussed.

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