The Significance of the MQC Experiment
Resonant Magnetization Tunneling in the Molecular Magnet Mn12 Acetate
Stochastic Wave Function Approach to Generalized Master Equations
A Time Scale for Quantum Jumps
Quantum Error Correction and Reversible Operations
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Mesoscopic Systems
Direct Evidence of Macroscopic Quantum Effects at High Temperature
Resonance Phenomena in Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling
Radio Frequency-Single Electron Transistor
Highly Sensitive Electrometers Based on Single Cooper Pair Tunneling
The Josephson Effect in Nanoscale Tunnel Junctions
Perspectives of an Experiment for Detecting Macroscopic Quantum Coherence
Experimental Evaluation of the Intrinsic Dissipation from Energy-Level Quantization in Josephson Devices
Duality in the Quantum Dissipative Villain Model and Application to Mesoscopic Josephson Junction Circuits
Quantum Coherence of Charge States in the Single Electron Box
A Coherent Two-Level System in a Superconducting Single-Electron Transistor Observed Through Photon-Assisted Cooper-Pair Tunneling
Controlled Single-Cooper-Pair Charging Effects in a Small Josephson Junction Array
Observation of Coherent Charge-State Mixing in Asymmetric Bloch Transistors
Tunneling in rf-SQUIDs and Tests of Quantum Mechanics at the Macroscopic Level
Using Conditional Measurements to Combat Decoherence
Traversal Time in Josephson Junctions
Hall Tunneling of Vortices in Superclean Superconductors
Strong Nonequilibrium Coherent States in Mesoscopic Superconductor-Semiconductor-Superconductor Junctions
Two-Level System with a Noisy Hamiltonian