The Unusual Phase-Transitions in Ruthenate–Cuprate Superconducting Ferromagnets
Superconductivity and Magnetism in RuSr2Gd2O8
Superconductivity and GMR Viewed from Chemistry
Analysis of the Pairing Interaction in the Cuprates
High T c
Andreev Bound-State Tunneling and ESR Spectroscopy of Highhyphen;Temperature Superconductors and Observations of Broken Timehyphen;Reversal Symmetry
Lattice Effects on Charge Localization in Cuprates
Microscopic Charge Inhomogeneities in Underdoped La2−x Sr x CuO4
NMR Evidence for Spatial Modulations in the Cuprates
Doping and Isotope Dependence of the Pseudogap in High-T c Cuprates Observed by Neutron Crystal-Field Spectroscopy
63,65Cu NQR Evidence for Low-Temperature Charge Ordering in the Superconducting State of YBa2Cu3O7−δ
A Critical Examination of the Spin Dynamics in High-T c Cuprates
Disordered Vortex Phases in YBa2Cu3O7−δ
Photoemission Experiments on High-T c Superconductors
Correlation Between the Superfluid Density n s(T) ∝ 1/λ2 ab(T) at Low Temperatures and Nanostructures in the a–b Planes of YBCO
Probing High-Temperature Superconductivity with Positive Muons
Phase Separation in a Two-Component Model for Cuprates
Breakdown of Landau–Fermi Liquid in Two Dimensions Due to Umklapp Scattering
Competing and Cooperative Effects of Spin, Charge, and Phonon Degrees of Freedom in HTSC
Intrinsic Inhomogeneity of the Cuprates
Superconductivity in Cuprates, the van Hove Scenario
Universal Properties at the Quantum Superconductor-to-Insulator Transition of Cuprates
Vibronic Superconductivity in the Copper Oxides
Model Calculation of Distance-Dependent Electron–Phonon Coupling Parameters Derived from One- and Two-Body Interactions for a Dimer
Limits on Superconductivity in Nanoparticles and Nanowires
Mesoscopics, Superconductivity, and Fundamental Properties of Space–Time
Radiation Interaction with Matter in the Superconducting State. Some Achievements and Trends
Organic Superconductors as Stages for Exploration of Superconductivity in High Magnetic Fields
Superconductivity in Low-Dimensional Organic Compounds
Charge Transfer and the Route to Superconductivity in the Doped Fullerenes
Uranium Superconductivity Redux
Trends in Superconductivity of Heavy-Electron Metals
Superconductivity (and Magnetism) in the Nickel Borocarbides
Localized High-T c Superconductivity on the Surface of Na-Doped WO3
Where Are We in HTCS?