Effect of Cd Substitution for Bi on Superconductivity of the Bi-2201 Phase in the Bi—La—Ca—Cu—O System

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A series of the Bi-2201 samples with the nominal composition of (Bi2−xCdx)La0.7Ca1.3CuOz has been synthesized and effect of Cd substitution for Bi on the superconductivity has been investigated. As a result, it is found that almost single phase samples are obtained for a considerable wide composition of 0.0 ≤ x ≤ 0.8, their crystal structures have a tetragonal or a pseudotetragonal symmetry in the whole composition range, and the sample unexpectedly changes from superconductor to semiconductor by little Cd-substitution of about 0.1. The semiconducting samples show a temperature dependence of the resistivity suggesting that the transport process is followed by a three-dimensional variable range hopping conduction.

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