A New Approach to Transport Theory of High Tc Bismuth-Based Ceramic Superconductors

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A new transport theory for high temperature superconductors is proposed and supported with extensive calculations. The Cooper-pairs while remaining on a pseudo Fermi surface behave like weak Fermions. When the Cooper-pairs become free they behave as spinless bosons. The polarons and bipolarons are highly localized quantum states with virtually no gap existing in between them and are considered as bosons with nondegenerate spining. The binding energies of Cooper-pairs both in a weak Fermion system and for a spinless boson are calculated. A kind of a semimetallic softening transition is responsible for high temperature superconductivity and is temperature independent. There is no electron–phonon coupling for high temperature superconductors. High temperature ceramic superconductors before the onset of superconductivity are found to be Mott–Hubbard dielectric insulating materials.

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