Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors in the Low Carrier Density Regime

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This paper, based on a presentation at the Spintronics 2001 conference, provides a review of our studies on II–VI and III–V Mn-doped Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors. We use simple models appropriate for the low carrier density (insulating) regime, although we believe that some of the unusual features of the magnetization curves should qualitatively be present at larger dopings (metallic regime) as well. Positional disorder of the magnetic impurities inside the host semiconductor is shown to have observable consequences for the shape of the magnetization curve. Below the critical temperature the magnetization is spatially inhomogeneous, leading to very unusual temperature dependence of the average magnetization as well as specific heat. Disorder is also found to enhance the ferromagnetic transition temperature. Unusual spin and charge transport is implied.

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