Effect of Incommensurate Charge-Density Wave Scattering on the Electronic Structure of High-T c Cuprates
Influence of a Finite T c on Enhanced Superconductivity Near the Metal/Insulator Transition
Clues Obtained from the Oxygen Isotope Effect on NMR/NQR Parameters Observed in YBa2Cu4O8
Absence of Phase-Fluctuation Contribution to the Low-Frequency Optical Conductivity in d-Wave Superconductors at Zero Temperature
Microscopic State of Low Doped Manganites La1 −x Sr x MnO3 Probed by ESR
YBa2Cu3O7−x 240 K Phase Transition
Top-Seeded Melt-Growth of YBa2Cus3O x Crystals for Neutron Diffraction Studies
Interpretation of Resistivity of Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4
The Anomalous Optical Conductivity of Metallic La2−x Sr x CuO4
Crystallization Activation Energy and Hole Concentration Properties of the Bi2Sr2Ca1−x Cd x Cu2O8+y Glass-Ceramic Superconductor Rods
Infrared and Structural Properties of Y1−x Nd x Ba2Cu3O7−δ (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)
Study on the Physical and Electrical Properties of Bi2−δZnδSr2Ca2Cu3O10+y Glass-Ceramic Superconductors
Resistivity Tensor in the Normal State of BSCCO Single Crystals as a Function of Doping
Effect of Processing Parameters on the Superconductivity of HgO Added Y-123 Compound
Phase Transition of BSCCO in High Magnetic Fields
A Study of the Paramagnetic to Ferromagnetic Transition in the Optimally Doped CMR Compound La0.65Ca0.35MnO3 and Its Dependence on Oxygen Mass
Oxygen Loss of the Manganite Surface Layer in La1−δMnO3/Metal Interface. Transport, XPS, and Photoconductivity Measurements
Specific Heat of LaMnO3+δ at 50 K ≤ T ≤ 160 K
Charge and Sodium Ordering in β-Na0.33V2O3
Crossover Dynamics with Low Energy Excitations in Jahn–Teller Co Perovskites
Optical Properties of Solid Pentacene
Comparative Study of Dense Bulk MgB2 Materials Prepared by Different Methods
Influence of Electron–Phonon Interaction on Superconducting State Parameters of MgB2
Degradation of Superconducting Properties in MgB2 by Formation of the MgB4 Phase
Superconductivity in High-Pressure Synthesized Pure and Doped MgB2 Compounds
Fabrication and Transport Properties of MgB2 Thin Films and Tunnel Junctions
Intermediate Phase in Molecular Networks and Solid Electrolytes
A Chemist's Approach to Superconductivity
Superconductivity and Phase Diagram in a CuO2 Monolayer
High-T c Superconductivity Driven by Overscreening of Coulomb Interaction
Influence of Disorder in Superconductor Compounds
Generalizing BCS for Exotic Superconductors
Electronic Properties of a New Structure of BC2N and Its Intercalation with Magnesium
Absence of a Competition Between Magnetism and Superconductivity in Layered Nickel Borocarbides
Metal–Nonmetal Transition in Rubidium Tungsten Bronze Rb x WO y