Spin Electronics
Temperature Peculiarities of Magnetic Anisotropy in (Ga,Mn)As
Noncollinear Ground States in Ferromagnetic (III,Mn)V Semiconductors
Electrons in Magnetic Structures with Domain Walls
Growth and Spectroscopy of CdSe
The Role of Defect Correlations in Ferromagnetic III–V Semiconductors
Materials Design of Cr-Based Half-Metallic Ferromagnets
Curie Temperatures of III–V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Calculated from First-Principles in Mean Field Approximation
Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in III–V-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor GaCrN grown by ECR Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Correlation of Mn Lattice Location, Free Hole Concentration, and Curie Temperature in Ferromagnetic GaMnAs
Alloying (In,Mn)As and (Ga,Mn)As
Magnetic Order in GaMnAs Layers
Ferromagnetism in (Zn,Cr)Se Layers Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Electrical Properties and Ferromagnetism in (Ga,Cr)As
Low Temperature Annealing Studies of Ga1−x Mn x As
Mechanism of Ferromagnetism in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors at Low Carrier Density
Preparation and Characterization of IV–VI Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Ge1−x Cr x Te
Ferromagnetic Resonance in Ga1−x Mn x As
Magnetic Properties of (Ga,Fe)N
Charge Transfer at the Mn Acceptor Level in GaN
Influence of Dipolar Coupling on the Magnetic Phase Diagram of Few (111)-Monolayer EuTe
Magnetic Specific Heat of Heavily p-Type Doped (Zn,Mn)Te:P
Magnetic Properties of Chalcopyrite-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Regular Arrays of (Zn,Mn)S Quantum Wires with Well-Defined Diameters in the Nanometer Range
Cyclotron Resonance of Electrons and Holes in Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic InMnAs-Based Films and Heterostructures
Ferromagnetism in Mn-Doped GaAs
Electrical Characterization of p-Type Pb1−x Eu x Te
Ab Initio Study of Curie Temperatures of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Ab Initio Study of Magnetism in III-V- and II-VI-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Local Structure and Valence State of Mn in Ga1−x Mn x N Epilayers
Magnetic Resonance in ZnGeP2 and (Zn,Mn)GeP2
Engineering of Ternary Ferromagnetic Semiconductors in Heterojunctions
Properties of Quaternary Alloy Magnetic Semiconductor (InGaMn)As Grown on InP
Spin Wave Resonances in GaMnAs
Experimental Investigation of Ferromagnetism in II–VI Disordered Semiconducting Compounds
Magnetic Characteristics of Zinc-Blende MnTe
Magnetic Properties of Fe-Doped Rutile
Influence of Codoping on the Magnetoresistance of Paramagnetic (Ga,Mn)As
Control of Magnetic Properties in (Cd,Mn)Te Quantum Wells Inserted in Pin Diodes
Electrical Electron Spin Injection with a p+-(Ga,Mn)As/n+-GaAs Tunnel Junction
Spin Injection
Solid-State Silicon NMR Quantum Computer
Electric Field Effect on the Magnetic Properties of III–V Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (In,Mn)As and ((Al),Ga,Mn)As
Search for Spin Filtering by Electron Tunneling Through Ferromagnetic EuS Barriers in PbS
Study of Spin-Valve Operation in Permalloy–SiO2–Silicon Nanostructures
Cobalt-Based Heusler Alloys for Spin-Injection Devices
Effect of the Interface Resistance on the Extraordinary Magnetoresistance of Semiconductor/Metal Hybrid Structures
Spin-Polarized Current in a Nonmagnetic Conductor and the Role of Electron–Electron Scattering
Interlayer Magnetic Coupling for Fe/Si Multilayers
Short-Period GaMnAs/GaAs Superlattices
Magnetization of EuS–PbS Multilayers with Antiferromagnetic Interlayer Coupling
Drift Transport of Spin-Polarized Electrons in GaAs
Hyperfine Interactions and Electron Spin-Dynamics in a Quantum Dot
Nonequilibrium Magnetic Polarization and Spin Currents Controlled by Gate Voltage in a Ferromagnetic Single-Electron Transistor
Magnetotransport Calculations for Two-Dimensional Electrons with Spin-Orbit Interaction
Electric Field Induced Suppression of the Magnetoresistance of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Trilayers