Noise of Spin-Polarized Currents at a Beam Splitter with Local Spin–Orbit Interaction
Spin-Polarized Tunneling in Fully Epitaxial Semiconductor-Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Spin Relaxation in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Si Quantum Wells
Intrinsic Decay of Spin Currents
Filtering Spin with Tunnel-Coupled Hole Quantum Wires
Epitaxial Orientation and Planar Hall Effect for MnAs Films Grown on GaAs(001)
The Kondo Effect of Surface Excitons
Rashba Effect in IV–VI Semiconductor Quantum Wells
Electronic Correlations in Spin-Dependent Transport Through Nanostructures
Resonant Tunneling of Holes in GaMnAs-Related Double-Barrier Structures
Hole Spin Polarization in Metallic Ferromagnetic GaMnAs Multilayers and Superlattices
Anomalous Hall Effect in Sn1−x−y Mn x Eu y Te and Sn1−x−y Mn x Er y Te Mixed Crystals
Hyperfine-Mediated Transitions Between a Zeeman Split Doublet in GaAs Quantum Dots
“Reservoir Model” for Shallow Modulation-Doped Digital Magnetic Quantum Wells
Single-Particle Relaxation Time of the Two-Dimensional Spin-Polarized Electron Gas
Magnetoresistance of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in GaN Quantum Wells in a Parallel Magnetic Field
Rashba Precession in Quantum Wires
Measure of Entanglement States of Two Interacting Electrons in Vertically Coupled Quantum Dots Induced by a Time-Dependent Electric Field
Level Statistics of Quasiparticles in Disordered Two-Dimensional Superconductors
Anisotropic Spin Splitting and Spin Relaxation in AlGaAs/GaAs Quantum Structures
Observation of e2/h Conductance Steps in a Side-Gate Point Contact on In0.75Ga0.25As/In0.75Al0.25As Heterostructure
Structural Control of Rashba Spin–Orbit Coupling in In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As Quantum Wells
Magneto-Transport Properties of p-Type Zn1−x Mn x Te:N Grown by MBE
Effects of Magnetic Quantum Dots on Magnetoconductance in Quantum Wires
Nonequilibrium Spin Fluctuations in Nonmagnetic Single-Electron Transistors and Quantum Dots
Analysis of Response Functions of a Spin-Polarized Electron Gas
Influence of Barrier Material on Spin Splitting Due to Inversion Asymmetry in Heterostructures
Spin Polarization in Low-Density Quantum Wires
Zero-Magnetic-Field Spin Splitting of Conduction Subbands in InGaAs/InAlAs and GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells
Spin–Orbit Interaction and All-Semiconductor Spintronics
Competition Between Rashba Effect and Exchange Interaction in a Hg0.98Mn0.02Te Magnetic 2DEG
Spin-Galvanic Effect in Quantum Wells
Ultrafast Optical Manipulation of Ferromagnetic Order in InMnAs/GaSb
Laser-Controlled Magnetization in a Single Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dot
All Optical Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing
Spin-Singlet–Spin-Triplet Transitions in Quantum Dots
Spin–Lattice Relaxation of Mn Ions in Nanostructures with Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Spin Dynamics in CdSe/ZnSe Quantum Dots
Exciton Spin Manipulation in ZnMnSe-Based Structures
Anomalous Magneto-Optical Properties of EuTe Induced by Magnetic Polarons
Effects of Digital Doping of Mn on Giant Magneto-Optical Properties of Zn1−x Mn x Se Quantum Wells
Rotation of Ferromagnetically Coupled Mn Spins in (Ga,Mn)As by Hole Spins
Spin-Photocurrent in p-SiGe Quantum Wells Under Terahertz Laser Irradiation
Optical Spin Orientation Under Inter- and Intra-Subband Transitions in QWs
Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy on (Ga,Mn)As Based Layers—Correlation Between the p–d Exchange Integral and Doping
Carrier-Concentration and Magnetic-Field Effect on Mn2+ Luminescence in Bulk Zn1−x Mn x Te Crystals
Zero Field Spin-Dependent Recombination
Hanle Effect of Charged and Neutral Excitons in Quantum Wells
Manifestation of Local Magnetic Domain Reversal by Spin-Polarized Carrier Injection in (Ga,Mn)As Thin Films
Characteristics of TM Surface Waves in a Nonlinear Antiferromagnet–Semiconductor–Superconductor Waveguide Structure
Theory of Cyclotron Resonance and Magneto-Optics in n- and p-Type InMnAs in Ultra-high Magnetic Fields
Magneto-Optical Study of Multiple Layers of Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Involving Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Magnetic-Field-Induced Level Crossing and the Spin Dynamics of Excitons in Zn1−x Mn x Te/ZnTe Quantum Wells
Carrier-Density Dependence of Faraday Rotation and Spin Splitting in Cd1−x Mn x Te
Magneto-Optical Study of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanostructures Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Observation of a Large Spin–Orbit Interaction in Photoexcited In x Ga1−x As/In y Al1−y As Heterostructures