Special issue of the “International Journal on Superconductivity and Magnetism” Frontiers of Spintronics and Optics in Semiconductors
Prof. E. I. Rashba—Excellent Scientist, Teacher, and Editor
Scientific Cooperation Between East and West in Difficult Times
Looking Back
Very Large Rashba Spin–Orbit Splitting in HgTe Quantum Wells
Rashba Splitting in MIS Structures Based on Narrow Gap Semiconductors
Coherent Superposition of Electric- and Magnetic-Dipole Spin-Flip Transitions in Zinc Blende Semiconductors
Electrical Spin Injection from Ferromagnetic Metals into GaAs
Electrical Spin Injection in a Ferromagnetic Metal/Insulator/Semiconductor Tunnel Heterostructure
Charge–Spin Coupling at a Ferromagnet–Nonmagnet Interface
Rashba Spin–Orbit Interaction and Its Applications to Spin-Interference Effect and Spin-Filter Device
Spin-Polarized Bipolar Transport and Its Applications
Anomalous Conductivity in Random Magnetic (Ga,Cr) As
Probing Entanglement via Rashba-Induced Shot Noise Oscillations
The Rashba Effect Within the Coherent Scattering Formalism with Applications to Electron Quantum Optics
D'yakonov–Perel' Spin Relaxation Controlled by Electron–Electron Scattering
Spin Effects in Lateral Quantum Dots
Charging Effects on Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Quantum Dots
The Symmetry-Driven Transition in Magnetoluminescence at νe = 2
Magneto-Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Systems
Cyclotron Resonance of Composite Fermions
Excitations in Quantum Hall Ferromagnet with Strong Coulomb Interaction
New Concepts and Ideas Developed from Giant Oscillator Strength
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