Periodic Properties of Voltage Versus Applied Magnetic Flux Curves in Elementary Cubic Networks of Josephson Junctions
The Paramagnetism Carried by Paramagnetic Ions and its Effect on the Superconductivity in High T C Superconductors
Methods of Extracting Current Density Dependence of the Effective Activation Energy U eff(J) in High T c Superconductors
Paramagnetism and Superconductivity in Eu0.7Sm0.3Ba2Cu3O7−δ
Determination of the Coherence Length and the Cooper-Pair Size in Unconventional Superconductors by Tunneling Spectroscopy
Transport in Vortex State of d-Wave Superconductors at Zero Temperature
Double Correlations in HTSC
Possible Superconductivity in Ba-Rich Pr123
SQUIDs on the Base of Strained YBCO Films