High Temperature Superconductivity Due to a Long-Range Electron–Phonon Interaction, Application to Isotope Effects, Thermomagnetic Transport and Nanoscale Heterogeneity in Cuprates
Linear Response Theory Around a Localized Impurity in the Pseudogap Regime of an Anisotropic Superconductor
Multiband Superconductors Close to a 3D–2D Electronic Topological Transition
Feshbach Shape Resonance in Multiband Superconductivity in Heterostructures
Complex Phase Separation in Oxygen-Doped Cuprates La2CuO4+y Superconductors
Local Order and Structure in Mn-Substituted Manganites Studied by EXAFS
Ab-initio Computation of Superconducting Properties of Elemental Superconductors and MgB2
The Theory of Local Superconductivity and Phase Separation Applied to Cuprates
Evidence of Phase Separation in the P-T Phase Diagram of the La0.75Ca0.25MnO3 Manganite by Infrared Measurements
High-Temperature Superconductivity Without Cuprate Planes
T c as a Function of Electron Doping in Mg10B2 Using Sc for Mg Substitution
Activation Energy of the Photo Induced Q2 Oxygen Ordered Phase in the La2CuO4.08 Superconductor
Unusual e g 3d x2−y 2 Orbital Ordering and Low-Energy Excitations in the CE Structure of NaMn7O12
Evidence for One-Gap Superconductivity in Mg(B1−x C x )2 Single Crystals at x=0.132 by Point-Contact Spectroscopy
Direct Observation of Orbital Ordering in Layered Manganites
Evidence for Nanostructures and Filaments in HTSC From the Electrical Transport Measurements
Bi2212 c-Axis Twist Bicrystal and Artificial and Natural Cross-Whisker Josephson Junctions
Generalized Multiple Gap Model for the Superconductivity in MgB2
Cuprate Interband Superconducting Density for Doping Driven Spectral Overlaps
Electron-Doped Cuprates
Possible Nature of Field-Induced Antiferromagnetic Ordering in SC Cuprates
Intrinsic Electric Transport in CMR Thin-Films
Polaron Formation in a Model Hamiltonian with Covalent Electron-Phonon Interactions
Effects of Higher Hopping Terms on the Stripe States in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model
Lattice Anomalies in (La,Sr)2CuO4 Under Epitaxial Strain Probed by Polarized X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Anomalous Thermal Expansion in Superconducting Mg1−x Al x B2 System
High-Temperature Thermoelectric Power of The Metal Oxides
Analysis of Temperature Dependence of Electrical Conductivity in La2NiO4.14 Single Crystal
Magnetic Perovskite Superlattices Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Phonons and Electron–Phonon Coupling in Nickel Borocarbides
Superconducting Fluctuating Diamagnetism Versus Precursor Diamagnetism in Heterogeneous Superconductors
The Underdoped Region of the Phase Diagram of YBa2Cu3O6+x
The Material-Dependent Parameter Controlling the Universal Phase Diagram of Cuprates
The Phonon Modes with Strong Electron–Phonon Interactions in p- and n-Type High T c Superconductors
Excitonic Collective Mode and Negative Compressibility in Electron Liquids
Two-Band Eliashberg Theory in Doped MgB2
On the Presence of 1D-Like Stripes in Superconducting Epitaxial La2−x Sr xCuO4 thin Films
Two Domains of the Parameter Space of the 2D Hubbard Model for High-T c Superconductors
ARPES Spectra from Bond-Centered Stripe Phase of Moderately Doped Cuprates