Evidence for High T C Superconducting Transitions in Isolated Al45 − and Al47 − Nanoclusters
One-Step Atmospheric Pressure Synthesis of the Ground State of Fe Based LaFeAsO1−δ
Thermodynamic and Magnetic Properties of Superconductors with Anisotropic Energy Spectrum, MgB2
Coexistence of Itinerant Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity in ZrZn2
A Study on Thermoelectric Power and Electrical Properties of Bi-2223 Superconductors Sintered for Different Time Periods
High-pressure Synthesis and Physical Characterization of Y-based 1222-type Niobio–Cuprate NbSr2(Y1.5Ce0.5)Cu2O10
The Activation Energy U(T,H) in Y-based Superconductors
Numerical Estimation of AC Loss in MgB2 Wires in Self-field Condition