Superconductivity at 57.3 K in La-Doped Iron-Based Layered Compound Sm0.95La0.05O0.85F0.15FeAs
Thermoelectric Properties of Bi-2223 Superconductors at Different Conditions of Sintering
Comparative Analysis of the Fundamental Susceptibility in Bi-2212 Single Crystal
Extraction of Critical Current Density and Flux Creep Exponent in the Magnetic Superconductor Ru-1212 Using the ac Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements
Enhanced Critical Current Properties of MgB2 Bulks by Doping Amorphous Carbon Containing Magnetic Impurity
Magnetic Field Dependence of Intergrain Pinning Potential in Bulk Granular Composites YBCO + CuO Demonstrating Large Magneto-Resistive Effect
New Pb-Based 1222 Cuprates, (Pb0.5B0.5)Sr2(RE2−x−y Ce x Sr y )Cu2O z (RE = Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Y)
Development of High-T c SQUID System for Nondestructive Evaluation
Multiple Magnetic Ordering Temperatures in RuSr2Eu1.5Ce0.5Cu2O10−δ System