John Bardeen
John Bardeen and the Theory of Superconductivity
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the BCS Theory
Superconducting Applications
Geometrical Barriers and the Growth of Flux Domes in Thin Ideal Superconducting Disks
Polaron Coherence as Origin of the Pseudogap Phase in High Temperature Superconducting Cuprates
Effect of Firing Temperature on the Structure and Properties of YBa2Cu3O7−x Films by TFA-MOD Method
Magnetic and Superconducting Properties of RuSr2Sm1.4Ce0.6Cu2O10−δ Samples
Scaling of the Resistance and Magnetization for High Temperature Superconductors under Pressure
Quantum Dot in the Pseudo-gap Sate with Spin–Orbit Interaction