Normal and Anomalous Pseudogap of Superconducting Y0.9−x Pr x Ca0.1Ba2[Cu1−y Zn y ]3O7−δ
Electronic Density of States and Strong Electron–Phonon Coupling in Nb3Sn
Mean Field Superconductivity Approach in Two Dimensions
On the Power Handling Properties of High Temperature Superconducting Microwave Contiguous Duplexer
The Influence of Many-Body Interactions on the Electron States in Quantum Point Contacs
Electrical Properties of Ag/Tl–Ba–Ca–CuO/CdSe Heterostructures
Resistivity Minimum Behavior and Weak Magnetic Disorder Characteristics in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 Manganites
Magnetic Interaction Force and a Couple on a Superconducting Sphere in an Arbitrary Dipole Field
Melt Processing of YBCO Thick Films Fabricated by Sol Gel Route Powder on YSZ
Microwave Resonant Transmission in a Superconducting Fabry–Perot Bilayer
Ion Beam Analysis and Physical Properties Measurements of (Tl0.8Hg0.2−x Sb x )Ba2Ca2Cu3O9−δ
Equal-Channel Multi-Angle Pressing Effect on the Properties of NbTi Alloy
Levitation Force Relaxation of HTS Bulk above NdFeB Guideways at Different Approaching Speeds
Sketching the Theory of Copper Oxide High Temperature Superconductivity