Enhancement of the High-Field Jc properties of MgB2/Fe Tapes by Acetone Doping

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We report the effect of acetone addition on in situ powder-in-tube processed MgB2/Fe tapes by using acetone as liquid additive. The amount of acetone was varied from 0 to 15 wt.%. We found that a significant JcB enhancement was easily achieved in high field by acetone doping. At 4.2 K, the transport Jc for the best acetone added tapes (5 wt.%) reached up to 2.4×104 A/cm2 at 10 T. With increasing acetone concentration, the a-axis lattice parameters, Bc2 and Birr, were not much changed; however, the insulating MgO impurities and pores gradually increased, thereby resulting in the obvious decrease of Jc values for 10 and 15 wt.% acetone-added samples, especially within low field region.

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