Preparation and Characterization of HgO and AgO Added La2CaBa2Cu5Oz Superconductors

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We have prepared a series of La2CaBa2Cu5Oz (La2125) compounds by the standard solid-state reaction method. The oxygen stoichiometry in this R-123 type compound has been homogenized by two different methods. The first method is heating the sample in flowing oxygen at 500°C for 6 hours and then slowly cooling to room temperature. The second method is to provide internal oxygen while sintering the sample by adding HgO or AgO. The addition of HgO or AgO in preparing oxide superconductors is advantageous when preparing them in bulk quantities, as HgO or AgO provide internal oxygen which is a much essential ingredient of the structure of oxide superconductors. Such a method of synthesis eliminates the need of additional oxygen annealing, thus enabling the synthesis in huge quantities at once. The composites referred to as La2125+xHgO and La2125+xAgO respectively, have been characterized by XRD, SEM, resistivity and magnetic measurements for their structural and superconducting properties. We compare the properties of oxygen-annealed and HgO/AgO added compounds and discuss the results in the light of applicability of such method in synthesizing bulk quantities of high-Tc oxide superconductors.

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