Superconductivity at 14 K in SmFe0.9Co0.1AsO

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We report superconductivity in the SmFe0.9Co0.1AsO system being prepared by most easy and versatile single-step solid-state reaction route. The parent compound SmFeAsO is non-superconducting but shows the spin density wave (SDW) like antiferromagnetic ordering at around 140 K. To destroy the antiferromagnetic ordering and to induce the superconductivity in the parent system, the Fe2+ is partially substituted by Co3+. Superconductivity appears in SmFe0.9Co0.1AsO system at around 14 K. The Co doping suppresses the SDW anomaly in the parent compound and induces the superconductivity. Magnetization measurements show clearly the onset of superconductivity with Tdiac at 14 K. The isothermal magnetization measurements exhibit the lower critical fields (Hc1) to be around 200 Oe at 2 K. The bulk superconductivity of the studied SmFe0.9Co0.1AsO sample is further established by open diamagnetic M(H) loops at 2 and 5 K. Normal-state (above Tc) linear isothermal magnetization M(H) plots excluded the presence of any ordered magnetic impurity in the studied compound.

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