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This is in answer to your Editorial comment to‘ Mrs. C. Ramirez's letter published in the February 1975 issue, thus “There is one factor missing in this letter. What the writer says is basically true but it is not enough. The structure in agencies must be changed if RN's are to stop caring for the desk and start caring for the patient.” At L. W. Blake Memorial Hospital we use a decentralized organizational structure for the Nursing Department. We also have a pilot project designed by Mrs. Ramirez which alters the structure of team nursing to permit RN's to “stop caring for the desk.”
I was saddened to read the article, “What Is An Inservice Educator?” which appeared in the February, 1975, Supervisor Nurse. I was initially disturbed over the lack of even one positive statement which favored staff development as an occupation. In retrospect, however, there is the realization that this author's views unfortunately represent a widespread and basic problem which cause staff development programs to be ineffective and staff development educators to grow frustrated, defensive and hostile
Often I am asked as an Inservice Instructor, “What do you do?” Thanks to Phyllis Arnold's February article in Supervisor Nurse entitled “What is an In-service Instructor?” she has answered the question for many of us. I plan to have the article framed and hung on my office wall, as it is truly a good portrait of the Inservice Instructor
For several years (since first issue) I have devoured (literally) your superb magazine each month. It has been most helpful many, many times for references, and in my planning Inservice Programs for Nursing Personnel
Wow! Your recent article in Supervisor Nurse [January 1975] “Power, Freedom and Professional Practice in Nursing” really made my blood race in excitement. Finally, I am seeing in print, in a nursing magazine even, what I have been feeling for a long time
Recent subscriptions to Supervisor Nurse have been received by many nurses here, and we've enjoying and approving it immensely
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