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The Cost of All R.N. Staffed Primary Nursing A comparison of the staffing costs between an all R.N. staffed primary nursing surgical and 35 surgical units in New Jersey hospitals
Interpersonal Feedback for Nursing Supervisors All purposeful communication requires feedback. Autocratic supervision takes less time but cannot correct its own performance
Orienting the Experienced Critical Care Nurse A successful orientation program provides maximum challenge with minimum threat
CPR To Certify or Not To Certify Developing and implementing a CPR training program based on defined standards
How To Prevent Breast Feeding Problems How can we espouse the benefits of breast feedings yet provide information that is often haphazard, fragmentary, or incorrect?
Understanding the New Nurse We must prevent the competing nurse from becoming the nurse in conflict
A Critical Care Teaching Method Self-paced modules reduce learning time and strain on staffing patterns in critical care units
The Enterostomal Therapist -A New Breed of Nurse Rehabilitation begins the moment a diagnosis is made E.T. training emphasizes this patho-physiological need
The Nursing Systems Analyst
A Decentralized Nursing Care Delivery System Decentralization of drugs, supplies, food service, communications and medical records allows nurses to center their activities in patients' rooms
The Characteristics and Scope of Professional Nursing
Keeping Up with hospital products
Licensure Problems