Editorial introductions
Therapeutic nihilism: the next hurdle in improving the treatment of breathlessness
Understanding mechanisms and documenting plausibility of palliative interventions for dyspnea
Nonpharmacological interventions for breathlessness
Update on the role of palliative oxygen
Applicability and generalizability of palliative interventions for dyspnoea: one size fits all, some or none?
Management of dyspnea within a rapid learning healthcare model
New molecules for the treatment of pain
Neuroimaging of pain: what does it tell us?
Psychological advances in chronic pain: a concise selective review of research from 2010
The economics associated with persistent pain
Overcoming pain as a barrier to work
Management of chronic pain in primary care
Pelvic pain in women: clinical and scientific aspects
Opioids for chronic pain: promise and pitfalls
Chronic pain in children and young people
The use of psychostimulants in cancer patients
Assessing the role of hydration in delirium at the end of life
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