Editorial introductions
Breathlessness in an age of noncommunicable diseases
Exercise therapy in the management of dyspnea in patients with cancer
Occupational therapy interventions for breathlessness at the end of life
Update on complex nonpharmacological interventions for breathlessness
Understanding cough and its management in lung cancer
Update on combined modalities for the management of breathlessness
Dyspnea prevalence, trajectories, and measurement in critical care and at life's end
Pain management in victims of conflict
Management of acute and chronic migraine
Ketamine for chronic noncancer pain
Acute pain management in patients with persistent pain
Pain in neurological conditions
Medically unexplained symptoms and pain
Analgesic use in the older person
Urogenital/pelvic pain in men
The placebo in practice
Integrating spiritual care into the practice of oncology
A heuristic model of enactive compassion
Evolving definitions of hope in oncology
Evidence-based spiritual care
Spiritual care in a multicultural oncology environment
Restoration and re-creation
The role of chaplains within oncology interdisciplinary teams
Palliative care and spiritual care
An existential approach to oncology
Recognizing the value and needs of the caregiver in oncology
Current World Literature