Editorial introductions
Muscle protein kinetics in cancer cachexia
Evidence base for multimodal therapy in cachexia
Self-management in palliative medicine
The role of dietary counseling and nutrition support in head and neck cancer patients
Translational implications of novel findings in cancer cachexia
Mechanisms for maintaining muscle
Advancing the science of hospice care
Accommodation of missing data in supportive and palliative care clinical trials
Challenges in defining ‘palliative care’ for the purposes of clinical trials
Topics in research
Reconstructing analgesic trials
Considerations in reporting palliative care clinical trials
Outcome measures for palliative care research
The importance and pitfalls of correlational science in palliative care research
Combined qualitative and quantitative research designs
Integrating technology into palliative care research
Achieving palliative care research efficiency through defining and benchmarking performance metrics
Current World Literature