Editorial introductions
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Musings from Montreal
Identifying treatment burden as an important concept for end of life care in those with advanced heart failure
End-of-life care in adults with congenital heart disease
The challenges of understanding and managing pain in the heart failure patient
Ethical challenges in advanced heart failure
Self-care and communication issues at the end of life of recipients of a left-ventricular assist device as destination therapy
Cancer symptom cluster research
Cancer symptom clusters
Analytical methods and issues for symptom cluster research in oncology
Inflammation and neural signaling
Update on interventions focused on symptom clusters
Symptom clusters in children
Wound management in patients with advanced illness
The management of wound-related procedural pain (volitional incident pain) in advanced illness
Evidence-based approach to manage persistent wound-related pain
Time to get serious about assessing – and managing – psychosocial issues associated with chronic wounds
Malignant wound management in advanced illness
Use of diagnostics in wound management
Pressure ulcer prevention in patients with advanced illness
Current World Literature
Considerations in reporting palliative care clinical trials
Achieving palliative care research efficiency through defining and benchmarking performance metrics