Developing a robust suturing assessment: validity evidence for the intracorporeal suturing assessment tool

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Background.Assessment tools specific to intracorporeal suturing are lacking. The purpose of this study was to validate a novel Intracorporeal Suturing Assessment Tool (ISAT) by comparing it with existing measures that have been reported to have validity evidence.Methods.Videos of laparoscopic suturing were assessed by 3 blinded laparoscopic experts using the validated Global Operative Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (GOALS) scale and the ISAT. Correlations between these instruments were calculated, and sensitivity analyses compared both tools with objective suturing scores. A factor analysis was also performed.Results.The ISAT and GOALS ratings were significantly correlated with the objective suturing score (r = 0.58 and 0.61, respectively; P < .0001), and with each other (r = 0.92, P < .0001). A weighted κ test indicated significantly higher agreement than expected between these instruments (P < .0001). All ISAT items had a factor loading approaching or greater than 0.50.Conclusion.The ISAT accurately assessed laparoscopic suturing skill related to other instruments. ISAT was highly correlated with GOALS, which is often used for laparoscopic performance assessment. Unlike the generic GOALS, ISAT includes specific information that can provide feedback on trainee suturing ability and targeted performance improvements. ISAT may provide a better alternative for intracorporeal suturing assessment.

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