Risk factors for esophageal cancer and the multiple occurrence of carcinoma in the upper aerodigestive tract
The relation of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking to the multiple occurrence of esophageal dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma
The subepithelial extension of esophageal carcinoma for determining the resection margin during esophagectomy: A serial histopathologic investigation
Biologic and clinical significance of squamous epithelial dysplasia of the esophagus
Surgical and oncological advances in the treatment of esophageal cancer
Preoperative hyperthermochemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma
Analysis of the gene-expression profile regarding the progression of human gastric carcinoma
Angiogenesis as a target for gastric cancer
Microsatellite instability in cancer: What problems remain unanswered?
DNA ploidy and its clinical implications in gastric cancer
The biologic features of intramucosal gastric carcinoma with lymph node metastasis
Clinical application of hyperthermia combined with anticancer drugs for the treatment of solid tumors
Therapeutic value of lymph node dissection and the clinical outcome for patients with gastric cancer
Assessment of the intestinal permeability after a gastrectomy and the oral administration of anticancer drugs in rats: Nitric oxide release in response to gut injury
The administration of hypotonic intraperitoneal cisplatin during operation as a treatment for the peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer
The role of adenoma for colorectal cancer development: Differences in the distribution of adenoma with low-grade dysplasia, high-grade dysplasia, and cancer that invades the submucosa
Estimation of angiogenesis with anti-CD105 immunostaining in the process of colorectal cancer development
The relationship between cyclin B1 overexpression and lymph node metastasis in human colorectal cancer
Hyperthermia for rectal cancer
Protracted hepatic arterial infusion with low-dose cisplatin plus 5-fluorouracil for unresectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer
The mechanisms of angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma: Angiogenic switch during tumor progression
Oncogenic signal transduction and therapeutic strategy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Clinicopathologic risk factors for recurrence after a curative hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma
A 16-year experience in performing hepatic resection in 303 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: 1985-2000
Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: Its mode of spreading and therapeutic modalities
Pathogenesis of portal hypertensive gastropathy: A clinical and experimental review
Endoscopic injection sclerotherapy in the management of 2105 patients with esophageal varices
Long-term results of endoscopic Histoacryl injection sclerotherapy for gastric variceal bleeding: A 10-year experience
Living-donor liver transplantation for fulminant hepatic failure in adult patients with a left-lobe graft
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma
Perioperative management and complications in donors related to living-donor liver transplantation
Hepatic artery reconstruction in living-donor liver transplantation: A review of its techniques and complications
Auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplantation from living donors
Detection of micrometastasis in the sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer
Metastatic breast cancer with HER2/neu-positive cells tends to have a morbid prognosis
Clinical significance of PEA3 in human breast cancer
Micrometastasis in the bone marrow of patients with lung cancer associated with a reduced expression of E-cadherin and β-catenin: Risk assessment by immunohistochemistry
Immunologic strategies for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer
Clinical significance of serum TH1/TH2 cytokines in patients with pulmonary adenocarcinoma
A time trend of profile and surgical results in 1123 patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Differences in endothelial function and morphologic modulation between canine autogenous venous and arterial grafts: Endothelium and intimal thickening
Local blood serotonin and soluble P-selectin levels during percutaneous transluminal balloon angioplasty and primary stenting of the iliac artery
Gene therapy in vascular surgery comes of age
Comparison of the long-term results between surgical and conservative treatment in patients with intermittent claudication
Changing profile of parenteral nutrition in pediatric surgery: A 30-year experience at one institute
Evaluation of genetic heterogeneity in neuroblastoma
Electrophysiological properties of the aganglionic segment in Hirschsprung's disease
Segmental small-intestinal transplantation: A comparison of jejunal and ileal grafts
Effects of the prenatal administration of cimetidine on testicular descent and genital differentiation in rats
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Hybrid-artificial liver support system
The medical care system in Japan