Skills assessment of surgeons
Role of activation peptides from pancreatic proenzymes in the diagnosis and prognosis of acute pancreatitis
Myofibroblasts are responsible for the desmoplastic reaction surrounding human pancreatic carcinomas
Paucity of dendritic cells in pancreatic cancer
Biliary sphincter motility after neural isolation of the pancreatoduodenal region in conscious dogs
Comparison between minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy and conventional thyroidectomy: A prospective randomized study
Prospective evaluation of delayed technetium-99m sestamibi SPECT scintigraphy for preoperative localization of primary hyperparathyroidism
Endoscopic stapler-assisted diverticuloesophagostomy for Zenker's diverticulum: Patient satisfaction and subjective relief of symptoms
Delayed liver regeneration with negative regulation of hepatocyte growth factor and positive regulation of transforming growth factor-beta1 mRNA after portal branch ligation in biliary obstructed rats
Mitochondrial function during ischemic preconditioning
Effectiveness of higher doses of botulinum toxin to induce healing in patients with chronic anal fissures
Intestinal anastomoses detected with a photopolymerized hydrogel
Comparison of microsatellite instability and chromosomal instability in predicting survival of patients with T3N0 colorectal cancer
Quercetin inhibits human vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration
It takes a faculty
Invited commentary: Measure of competence
Invited commentary: Comment from American Board of Surgery
Invited commentary: The ACGME "Outcomes Project"
Sentinel lymph node biopsy demonstrating concomitant melanoma and mantle cell lymphoma
Adenovirus vector-mediated transfer of the vascular endothelial growth factor cDNA to healing abdominal fascia enhances vascularity and bursting strength in mice with normal and impaired wound healing
Coffee creamer, the bionic man, and organ preservation
Pseudomyxoma peritonei
Strangulated herniation through a defect in the broad ligament
Papillary cholangiocarcinoma: A cause of intermittent, obstructive jaundice
Significant hypomagnesemia after celiotomy: Implications of preoperative bowel cleansing with sodium phosphate purgative
The cost of transfusion and alternatives
Eosinophilic cholangiopathy
The value of sestamibi scans
The value of sestamibi scans
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