A prospective randomized study comparing D2 total gastrectomy versus D2 total gastrectomy plus splenectomy in 187 patients with gastric carcinoma

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Background.Classic surgical treatment of upper third gastric carcinoma is based on an extended total gastrectomy, including splenectomy. The purpose of this study was to perform a prospective randomized clinical trial comparing the early and late results of total gastrectomy (TG) versus total gastrectomy plus splenectomy (TGS).Methods.One hundred eighty-seven patients with gastric carcinoma were included. In all patients a D2 total gastrectomy was performed. During surgery they were randomized to 1 of 2 operative options. They were monitored to their death or to 5 years later if they were alive.Results.Operative mortality was similar after both operations (3% after TG and 4% after TGS). Septic complications after surgery were higher after TGS compared with TG (P < .04). Five-year survival rates were not statistically different between groups or in subset analysis according to stage of disease.Conclusions.On the basis of the results of the present prospective randomized trial, splenectomy is not necessary in early stages of disease. A low operative mortality rate (less than 3%) must be achieved to obtain good long-term results. (Surgery 2002;131:401-7.)

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