Physiologic genomics
Non-technical skills for surgeons in the operating room
Assessing the educational environment in the operating room—a measure of resident perception at one Canadian institution
A prospective study of patient safety in the operating room
Does the Patient Undergo a Surgery or an Operation?
Parathyroidectomy in secondary hyperparathyroidism
Anatomic configurations of the recurrent laryngeal nerve and inferior thyroid artery
Microscopically incomplete resection offers acceptable palliation in pancreatic cancer
Calcitonin gene–related peptide partially mediates nociception in acute experimental pancreatitis
Omega-3 fatty acids improve appetite in cancer anorexia, but tumor resecting restores it
Does vagal nerve stimulation affect body composition and metabolism? Experimental study of a new potential technique in bariatric surgery
Minimally invasive sentinel lymph node mapping of the pig colon with Lymphoseek
CT lymphography-navigated sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with superficial esophageal cancer
The I. V. League
Attenuation of skeletal muscle reperfusion injury with intravenous 12 amino acid peptides that bind to pathogenic IgM
Hypoxia/reoxygenation impairs glucose absorption and cAMP-mediated secretion more profoundly than glutamine absorption and Ca2+/PKC-mediated secretion in rat ileum in vitro
Mechanisms of c-reactive protein up-regulation in arterialized vein grafts
Outcome after hepatic resection versus combined resection and microwave ablation for multiple bilobar colorectal metastases to the liver
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Why volunteer to go back to the Middle East?
Giant sigmoid diverticulum