A surgeon's guide to the universe
Risk factors for mortality and intra-abdominal complications after pancreatoduodenectomy
Perioperative complications after hepatectomy with or without intra-arterial chemotherapy for bilobar colorectal cancer liver metastases
The IV League (cartoon)
True aneurysms of the pancreaticoduodenal artery
Efficacy of accelerated partial breast irradiation as a neoadjuvant treatment for patients with breast cancer
Double mapping with subareolar blue dye and peritumoral green dye injections decreases the false-negative rate of dye-only sentinel node biopsy for early breast cancer
Sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer
Topical Sulfamylon cream inhibits DNA and protein synthesis in the skin donor site wound
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Successful 40-hour preservation of the canine small intestine with the cavitary 2-layer method with glutamine supplementation
Hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury is prevented by a novel matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, ONO-4817
Sonic Hedgehog–dependent proliferation in a series of patients with colorectal cancer
Ischemia and prolonged reperfusion before anastomotic construction do not reduce wound strength in the rat intestine
Squamous cell carcinoma-antigen messenger RNA level in peripheral blood predicts recurrence after resection in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Hemodynamic and metabolic effects of selective β1 adrenergic blockade during sepsis
Video-assisted living donor hemihepatectomy through a 12-cm incision for adult-to-adult liver transplantation
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