Preemptive surgery
Blood doping in the surgical intensive care unit
Incidence of occult inguinal and spigelian hernias during laparoscopy of other reasons
Invited commentary
Mesh incisional herniorrhaphy increases abdominal wall elastic properties
Analysis of surgical errors in closed malpractice claims at 4 liability insurers
Analysis of trends in the Florida Trauma System (1991–2003)
Gastric body partition to avoid ulcerogenic risk and hypergastrinemia
Increased plasma interleukin 6 concentrations and exaggerated adipose tissue interleukin 6 content in severely obese patients after operative trauma
Emergency endovascular stent-graft treatment for acute thoracic aortic syndromes
I.V. League Cartoon
Strategy for prevention of local recurrence of pancreatic cancer after pancreatectomy
Action of matrix metalloproteinases at restricted sites in colon anastomosis repair
Bacterial translocation as a source of Dacron-graft contamination in experimental aortic operation
Molecular analysis of colonic transformation in the ileum after total colectomy in rats
Postnatal myocardial augmentation with skeletal myoblast–based fetal tissue engineering
Mast cells facilitate local VEGF release as an early event in the pathogenesis of postoperative peritoneal adhesions
Thomas Vincent Santulli
18F-FDG accumulations in primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus
Utility of repeat radiofrequency ablation to provide long-term local control in recurrent rectal cancer
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