Presidential address for the Central Surgical Association: March 15, 2013
Percutaneous pigtail catheter versus tube thoracostomy for pediatric empyema: A comparison of outcomes
Single-incision results in similar pain and quality of life scores compared with multi-incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A blinded prospective randomized trial of 100 patients
Socioeconomic disparities in the operative management of peptic ulcer disease
Anastomotic leak or organ space surgical site infection: What are we missing in our quality improvement programs?
Construct validation and comparison of a novel postoperative quality-of-life metric and the Short Form-36 in colorectal surgery patients
The utility of routine preoperative cervical ultrasonography in patients undergoing thyroidectomy for differentiated thyroid cancer
The long-term impact of routine intraoperative nerve monitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery
Do giant parathyroid adenomas represent a distinct clinical entity?
Trends and disparities in education between specialties in thyroid and parathyroid surgery: An analysis of 55,402 NSQIP patients
Nodule size is an independent predictor of malignancy in mutation-negative nodules with follicular lesion of undetermined significance cytology
EZH2-shRNA–mediated upregulation of p21waf1/cip1 and its transcriptional enhancers with concomitant downmodulation of mutant p53 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Clinical scenarios associated with local recurrence after laparoscopic radiofrequency thermal ablation of colorectal liver metastases
Clinical evaluation of somatostatin use in pancreatic resections: Clinical efficacy or limited benefit?
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia: Which patients have long term benefit?
Use of the Gastrografin challenge in patients with a history of abdominal or pelvic malignancy
Surgical outcomes after total pancreatectomy and islet cell autotransplantation in pediatric patients
Predicting aggressive behavior in nonfunctioning pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
Rate of growth of pancreatic serous cystadenoma as an indication for resection
Obesity increases malignant risk in patients with branch-duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm
Risk of pulmonary embolism in trauma patients: Not all created equal
Radiographic assessment of ground-level falls in elderly patients: Is the “PAN-SCAN” overdoing it?
Retention of suturing and knot-tying skills in senior medical students after proficiency-based training: Results of a prospective, randomized trial
Preoperative axillary imaging with percutaneous lymph node biopsy is valuable in the contemporary management of patients with breast cancer
Pharmacologic stimulation of the nicotinic anti-inflammatory pathway modulates gut and lung injury after hypoxia-reoxygenation injury
Partial versus total splenectomy in children with hereditary spherocytosis
Gastroesophageal reflux disease, proton-pump inhibitor use and Barrett's esophagus in esophageal adenocarcinoma: Trends revisited
Acute care surgery practice model: Targeted growth for fiscal success
Regional collaboration across hospital systems to develop and implement trauma protocols saves lives within 2 years
Peroral esophageal myotomy (POEM) and laparoscopic Heller myotomy produce a similar short-term anatomic and functional effect
Peroral endoscopic myotomy: A short-term comparison with the standard laparoscopic approach
Perioperative outcomes of laparoscopic transhiatal esophagectomy with antegrade esophageal inversion for high-grade dysplasia and invasive esophageal cancer
The use of laparoscopic ultrasound in difficult cholecystectomy cases significantly decreases morbidity
Automated analysis of electronic medical record data reflects the pathophysiology of operative complications
Etiology and incidence of pediatric gallbladder disease
Patient perspectives on postoperative visits after common general operative procedures
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