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Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development
District-level surgery in Uganda: Indications, interventions and perioperative mortality
Toward a standard approach to measurement and reporting of perioperative mortality rate as a global indicator for surgery
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Untreated breast masses: A cross-sectional countrywide survey of Nepal
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Do surgical care bundles reduce the risk of surgical site infections in patients undergoing colorectal surgery? A systematic review and cohort meta-analysis of 8,515 patients
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Effectiveness of interventions to improve patient handover in surgery: A systematic review
Beyond incidence: Costs of complications in trauma and what it means for those who pay
Long-term impact of full-thickness rectal prolapse treatment on fecal incontinence
Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio is a strong predictor of tumor recurrence in early colon cancers: A propensity score-matched analysis
Sustained methylene blue staining to guide anatomic hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma: Initial experience and technical details
Laparoscopic right hepatectomy combined with partial diaphragmatic resection for colorectal liver metastases: Is it feasible and reasonable?
Outcomes of laparoscopic right posterior sectionectomy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in the era of laparoscopic surgery
Tumor–stroma ratio is a prognostic factor for survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients after liver resection or transplantation
Histomorphologic and molecular phenotypes predict gemcitabine response and overall survival in adenocarcinoma of the ampulla of Vater
Impact of variant pancreatic arterial anatomy and overlap in regional perfusion on the interpretation of selective arterial calcium stimulation with hepatic venous sampling for preoperative localization of occult insulinoma
Diagnostic value of a pancreatic mass on computed tomography in patients undergoing pancreatoduodenectomy for presumed pancreatic cancer
Extended pancreatoduodenectomy as defined by the International Study Group for Pancreatic Surgery is associated with worse survival but not with increased morbidity
Pancreatectomy with major arterial resection after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy gemcitabine and S-1 and concurrent radiotherapy for locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer
Reappraisal of pancreatic enucleations: A single-center experience of 126 procedures
Gli1 promotes transforming growth factor-beta1– and epidermal growth factor–induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in pancreatic cancer cells
Short-course radiotherapy with delayed surgery versus conventional chemoradiotherapy: A comparison of the short- and long-term outcomes in patients with T3 rectal cancer
Styrene maleic acid copolymer–pirarubicin induces tumor-selective oxidative stress and decreases tumor hypoxia as possible treatment of colorectal cancer liver metastases
Analysis of circulating plasmacytoid dendritic cells during the course of sepsis
CRH knockout inhibits the murine innate immune responses in association with endoplasmic reticulum stress after thermal injury
Circumferential esophageal replacement using a tube-shaped tissue-engineered substitute: An experimental study in minipigs
Contraction of abdominal wall muscles influences size and occurrence of incisional hernia
Postoperative electrolyte management: Current practice patterns of surgeons and residents
Nontechnical skills training for the operating room: A prospective study using simulation and didactic workshop
Resection of the mesopancreas in pancreatic head adenocarcinoma: Is it outside of the International Study Group on Pancreatic Surgery definition and consensus statement for standard and extended pancreatectomy?
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Sepsis drives the cost in perforated peptic ulcer
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