Video-assisted bullectomy using needlescopic instruments for spontaneous pneumothorax

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Patients with spontaneous pneumothorax require immediate insertion of a chest drain to evacuate the intrathoracic air. During video-assisted bullectomy, we made use of an existing chest drain hole to insert a thoracoscope or an endoscopic linear stapler. Video-assisted bullectomy was performed through three ports—two 2-mm ports and the existing chest drain hole. Therefore, no new skin incisions were required for the insertion of the 2-mm ports. A chest drain was again inserted via the existing chest drain hole after bullectomy. This procedure was used on 8 of 10 patients with spontaneous pneumothorax. There were no postoperative complications or recurrences. Thoracoscopic bullectomy using needlescopic instruments is technically feasible, safe, and effective. Currently, the procedure is indicated only for simple cases and not for the lysis of adhesions.

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