Endoluminal surgery
Should laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia repair be abandoned in favor of the open approach?
Objective analysis of gastroesophageal reflux after laparoscopic heller myotomy An anti-reflux procedure is required
Significant weight loss after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication
A 6-year experience with the Swedish adjustable gastric band
The role of hand-assisted laparoscopic distal gastrectomy for distal gastric cancer
Symptomatic internal hernias after laparoscopic bariatric surgery
New procedure for purse-string suture in thoracoscopic esophagectomy with intrathoracic anastomosis
Laparoscopic palliative surgery for complicated colorectal cancer
Conversion rates in laparoscopic colorectal surgery a predictive model with, 1253 patients
Open surgery induces a dramatic decrease in circulating intact IGFBP-3 in patients with colorectal cancer not seen with laparoscopic surgery
Peritoneal pH during laparoscopy is dependent on ambient gas environment helium and nitrous oxide do not cause peritoneal acidosis
Influence of different gases used for laparoscopy (helium, carbon dioxide, room air, and xenon) on tumor volume, histomorphology, and leukocyte-tumor-endothelium interaction in intravital microscopy
Power spectral analysis of heart rate variability during helium pneumoperitoneum The mechanism of increased cardiac sympathetic activity and its clinical significance
Open vs thorascopic surgical management of bronchogenic cysts
Long-term outcome, adhesions, and quality of life after laparoscopic and open surgical therapies for acute abdomen follow-up of a prospective trial
Carbon dioxide inhibits the growth rate of Staphylococcus aureus at body temperature
What can the operator actually feel when performing a laparoscopy?
Predicting baseline laparoscopic surgery skills
Assessing the benefits of “gaze-down” display location in complex tasks
Validation of a six-task simulation model in minimally invasive surgery
Advantages and limits of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery preliminary experience
A stone extraction facilitation device to achieve an improved technique for performing LCBDE
Treatment of severe chronic venous insufficiency using the subfascial endoscopic perforator vein procedure
Laparoscopic palliation of polycystic liver disease
Assessment of pulmonary function in patients before and after laparoscopic and open esophagogastric surgery
Comparison of open and laparoscopic secure placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters
Left thoracoscopic thymectomy in children
Stapled laparoscopic cystgastrostomy
A prospective randomized trial of closing laparoscopic trocar wounds by transcutaneous versus subcuticular suture or adhesive papertape
Laparoscopic left lateral hepatic lobectomy for metastatic colorectal tumor
Three port vs standard laparoscopic cholecystectomy
The effect of timing of pneumoperitoneum on the inflammatory response
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