Agenesis of the Vermiform Appendix

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Agenesis of the vermiform appendix is very rare. The incidence is estimated to be one in 100,000 laparotomies for suspected appendicitis. Several criteria have to be met before the investigator can conclude that the appendix is congenitally absent. This case is reported to bring this entity to the attention of surgeons who may encounter a similar situation during celioscopy. A 29-year-old patient was admitted through the emergency room with the chief complaint of abdominal pain. Acute appendicitis was suspected, and he was accordingly prepared for celioscopy. This report presents a patient with vermiform appendix agenesis diagnosed at celioscopy with concomitant mesenteric lymphadenitis. Agenesis of the vermiform appendix is very rare, and the diagnosis should not be made unless the ileocecal and retrocecal area are thoroughly explored.

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