Laparosopic Removal of Large Gastric Phytobezoars

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Summary:Large gastric bezoars are difficult to remove endoscopically. A 78-year-old man presenting with abdominal pain and loss of appetite for 4 months was admitted and evaluated. Gastroscopy disclosed two large phytobezoars within the stomach. Laparoscopic removal was undertaken. The bezoars were removed via a gastrotomy using the three-trocar technique. They were successfully retrieved from the abdominal cavity using an improvised “endobag” made from a simple surgical glove. Such an endobag presents several advantages; they are easy to make, sterile, economical, readily available, disposable, there is ample space to manipulate the specimen within, and there is minimal risk of contamination throughout the procedure. The authors recommend this approach for the treatment of patients with large gastric bezoars in whom laparotomy is indicated.

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